Ellison Residence

"What KMV does so very well is that they are timely, they are accurate, and if they have to deliver disappointing news, they look you in the eye and tell you exactly why and what and give you an opportunity to agree or disagree."
- Jim Ellison

Builder’s Perspective - This home is a Greene & Greene style home, all mahogany and Brazilian cherry, and it was really fun to get back to doing wood finish work and see the guys put to use all the skills they’ve learned over the years

Reed Residence

"As a previous owner of an art gallery, my eye for detail could have proven frustrating for a less patient and experienced builder. Victor’s insightful suggestions, attention to detail, and insistence on perfection not only met but exceeded our expectations."
- Resident

Linderman Residence

"KMV brought some real critical thinking to the process, helping us to think through a number of final design decisions and focus on what was important."
- Chris Linderman

Builder's Perspective - We had a 100 year flood event as the home was being built. I kept watching the Big Wood rise. Monday, it was fine, Tuesday it was lapping the bank 10 feet from the house. So we got to work, creating dirt berms, excavating swales and installing permanent pumps to protect the crawl space.

Myrtle Mixed-Use

"Erin was the project lead on this mixed-use project in Hailey, and with him, there is no drama. There’s a solution to every challenge - and a cost-effective one at that. In the end it turned out to be a great building. Our client was happy, the users are happy, and we think it’s a great new addition to Hailey."
- Daniel Hollis, architect

Katz Residence

"People said, 'Joan aren't you nervous, building this house?' I wasn't nervous at all! Because I knew I was in good hands. I had the best experience - it was so easy! I just love this house."
- Joan Katz

The front pivot door was one of a houseful of very cool details in this Sun Valley contemporary design.

Squier Residence

"Erin McGinnis, the foreman on our job, lived and breathed this house from beginning to end. And it shows! We never believed we'd have such a beautiful home."
- David Squier

This house presented a fascinating mix of exotic materials, all of which needed to be set to exact standards. To achieve the extreme horizontal stonework styling the architect had specified, for instance, we worked closely with the mason to select the right shapes and colors. We are fortunate to have some of the best craftspeople in the West on our team.

Helzel Residence

"I found a picture in a magazine of a curved stair railing, and our forman Erin sent a template of it over to France for fabrication. We were delighted with the way KMV approached every challenge we presented." - Rebecca Helzel

Our favorite part about building this house was being able to use so many unique materials. We had antique doors from France of all different sizes, three-hundred year old limestone floors, and antique fire brick in the fireplaces. It's a lot of fun to work on such a well-thought-out house.

Vogel Residence

"As an architect, the qualities I value in a contractor are the ability to think outside the box, the ability to invent new ways of doing things, and a transparent process when it comes to cost. These guys did a great job." - Susan Desko

In a house like this, where raw elements are all exposed, getting the subs to slow down and care about the quality is key. Their work won't be covered up by carpeting or sheetrock! Everything counts. We were proud to see this house win the AIA House of the Year award.

Allison Residence

"You hear so many horror stories about people building homes, and this was our first experience building a house from scratch. But it went so smoothly and it turned out so well, I'd do it again - if I could imagine leaving this house." - Gail Allison

The roof line with its curved dormers was inspired by an English country home. As the site slopes away at the back, one of the dormers is actually at ground level. Its French doors open onto a cozy terrace - one of many outdoor living areas in the Allison house.

Squier Fishing Cabin

"The owners wanted something that was very rustic and kind of old-fashioned. They wanted it to look like it had been there 100 years." - Matt Franklin, architect

In our second project for him, Dave Squier asked us to build a fishing cabin at his secret spot on the Lost River. The cabin turned out so nice it was featured on the cover of Country's Best Log Homes.

Johnson/Underwood Residence

"We decided to pursue a LEED Gold certification late in the process. Even though it added extra compliance to KMV's workload, they were all onboard with it." - Craig Johnson

This was one of the first LEED Gold houses in the valley, and we were excited to be a part of it. The experience allowed us to hit the ground running when Ketchum adopted the National Green Building Standard.

Lodges on Trail Creek

"I'm proud to be part of this project, which I consider one of the premier developments in the Wood River Valley. I couldn't have asked for better craftsmanship. The homes are exquisite." - Michael Cortese, Developer

This five unit, 35,000 sq ft luxury town home development offers a bucolic Trail Creek setting within easy walking distance to downtown Ketchum. It features approximately 10,000 sq ft of underground garages and driveway.