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Kearns, McGinnis, & Vandenberg, Inc. Building Contractors

We are custom home building contractors located in the ski resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Since 1980, KMV Builders have had the privilege of building some of the most distinctive custom residences in Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho, and no two projects - no two days - are alike. Our work involves estimates, weather, schedules, stone, glass, steel, and people. The bottom line, though, is always the bottom line: bringing a project in on time, on budget, and beyond all expectations.

Building a house - even if it's your fourth - is one of the most challenging, creative, and nerve-wracking events most people will ever undertake. Whether it's a good experience or not is the result of thousands of decisions, and all of them begin right here, with choosing a builder - a team - you can trust.

It's an extraordinary process - one that many of our clients have chosen to repeat with us time and again. We'd be delighted to explore building your dream project with you.

Stephen Kearns | Erin McGinnis | Victor Vandenberg | Robin Story
Kearns, McGinnis & Vandenberg, Inc.